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The IRRA Collection Unit garage and offices are located at 1165 Lincoln Avenue in Holbrook.

The Collection Unit’s site primary function is that of residential sanitation pick-up - kitchen trash, bulk, and yard waste.  There are a total of seven (7) sanitation districts the unit services over a five (5) day period.

Monday and Thursday Districts are:  41, 42, 43 and 35

Tuesday and Friday Districts are:  15, 38, and 36

Every Wednesday, all districts are covered in order to comply with the Town of Islip’s recycling program.  The above districts are all located in Bay Shore and West Islip.  In addition, the Collection Unit is responsible for the pick-up of recyclable paper at various Town facilities.  It then delivers the paper to the recycling facility, which is located at 1155 Lincoln Avenue, Holbrook.

Every Friday, the collection unit will send a sanitation truck to the Long Island MacArthur Airport to collect recyclable paper and bring it to the recycling facility located at Lincoln Avenue.

In addition to our sanitation districts covered on Mondays and Tuesdays, the Agency entered into a voluntary compliance agreement with the USDA for the collection of yard waste in the Asian Long Horn Beetle quarantine area.  The collection unit will run a separate rear loading truck or rack body truck to drive areas of Islip, East Islip, Central Islip, Brentwood and Bay Shore.  This last separate pick-up consists of picking up only brush and fire wood or trees put out to the curb.  Whatever is picked up is then transported to the Town of Islip Compost Facility on Railroad Avenue in Ronkonkoma.  It is identified to the scale operator as special Asian Beetle pick-up, and dumped in a secure area.

The Asian Beetle pick up in Islip is in response to a New York State mandated special pick-up in order to contain the Asian Beetle.

In addition to providing refuse collection, the Collection Unit mechanics perform routine service, maintenance, and cleaning of all refuse trucks.  Personnel also service and distribute 90-gallon refuse containers to residents in the Collection Unit’s districts.